Strategic Thinking & Analysis: The Balanced Scorecard Management System

Strategic Thinking & Analysis: The Balanced Scorecard Management System is a modern Strategic Planning Framework that endorses you both for the knowledge in developing the Performance Management System based on Balanced Scorecard methodology and implementing the framework across all levels of the organization.

Traditionally, companies have judged their health by how much money they make. Financial measures are definitely important, but they only give you part of the picture. They focus on the short-term, and you’re trying to build an organization to stand the test of time. The name “balanced scorecard” comes from the idea of looking at strategic measures in addition to traditional financial measures to get a more “balanced” view of the organizational performance.


Daniel is a Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner with extensive experience and specialized skills in strategy development and management specifically in the areas of Strategy and Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking and Analysis, Corporate Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring and Evaluation, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) design and implementation, Management Consulting and Project Management, Project Quality Assurance, Strategic Leadership and Change Management, Macroeconomic Policy Analysis, Business process re-engineering.

My wealth of skills include but are not limited to Multicultural team management, Team building, excellent communication and listening, Exceptional negotiation and networking, Tax administration – TADAT Trained (IMF Certified).

I hold a Masters of Business Administration majoring in Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy from Maastricht School of Management the Netherlands, 2011 and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Makerere University Uganda, 2005. I am a certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) and Balanced Scorecard Professional from the George Washington University College of Professional Studies USA, 2012. I have undertaken various trainings such as Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) –  TADAT Trained, June 2016, Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries, Africa Training Institute IMF Mauritius, February 2016, Leadership and basic Military Training – National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi Uganda, August/September 2015, Strategic Leadership and Change Management – London School of Business and Finance UK, February 2015, Management Consulting and Project Management – London School of Business and Finance UK, February 2015, Leadership and Management Development – World Customs Organisation (WCO), August 2014, M&E course under the Strengthening Monitoring Capacities in the Uganda Public Sector Project, Office of the Prime Minister, December 2013, Strategy and Strategic Planning – Oxford Management Centre London UK, May 2013, Effective Call Centre Management (Marcus Evans Nairobi Kenya), August 2009, Project Planning and Management – Uganda Management Institute, 2008, Change Management Training of Trainers – Urwick UK, May 2007, Total Tax Person – URA, January – June 2006 and Customer Care Management – M/S Horizons International Kampala Uganda, April 2005. Strategic Thinking and Analysis from JEYAX Development and Training South Africa and QuickScore Performance assessment application – Balanced Scorecard West Africa, 2018, among others.

Daniel is currently the Head of Strategy Implementation and Advocacy Section in Strategy Management and Quality Assurance Department at the Central Bank of Uganda.

Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System:

The Evolution of the Balanced Scorecard PMS and emerging trends
Performance management system main components
Formulate the main elements of the BSC management System such as vision, mission, objectives and initiatives
Against what is an organization benchmarked?
Developing the Balanced Scorecard Management System Architecture
Design the BSC Management System main elements based on business game
Translate the elements into the BSC Management System Architecture
Implementing the Balanced Scorecard Framework
Planning and deploying the implementation process
Performance reporting with the Balanced Scorecard

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