Key Performance Indicators – Professional Training

In today’s challenging and competitive business world, it is more important than ever that business leaders and senior executives are able to make better informed decisions, improve performance, and seek out new ways and models to gain the edge over their competition. KPIs, when properly understood and used effectively, provide a powerful tool in achieving these goals. Without proper KPIs and Performance Metrics, organizations are simply sailing blind.

This program is designed for all sectors — business and industry, government, and non-profit— and provides participants with practical tools to developing meaningful strategic and operational performance measures, and then develops their skills through a series of practical application exercises. Participants are taught how to use several tools, including the logic model and cause and effect, that are used by organizations around the world. Participants are also taught how to understand and articulate desired results, determine what to measure, set targets and thresholds, develop composite measures using lower level performance measures, measure outcomes, outputs, processes, and inputs, and produce visually appealing reports and dashboards that better inform decision making throughout an organization.

Bio of the Trainer: Saed A Saed

Managing Director of Waayeel Consulting Ltd, Certified Key Performance Professional from George Washington University and the Balanced Scorecard Institute, an expert in the fields of Islamic Banking, Finance, Entrepreneurship,  Leadership & Strategy with more than a decade of work experience.  Saeed’s leadership experience ranges from a country representative to providing leadership & strategy support to a region of 10 countries in Eastern, Western and Central Africa.

Live Training

Kep Performance Indicators ( Kpi-P)

Introduction To KPIs and strategic management

Understanding measurement’s purpose

Mapping measurable results

Designing meaningful measures

implementing measures

Reporting performance measures

Developing measures for strategy execution

Developing measures for operations

Developing measures for projects

Creating KPI alignment by cascading objectives

Managing strategically with performance information

KPI development application project for participant organizations

Final delegate application project presentation and discussions

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