Innovation Leadership Masterclass

Dr Atef El Shebrawy, an award winning International Speaker and Coach, is welcoming you to join an Innovation Leadership Masterclass, which will allow you to gain insights, and experiences that will enable you to become a superior leader.

This interactive masterclass provides a valuable exposure to the international practices in innovation and how to create a creative team with practical examples, exercises, videos to introduce, learn and earn the expertise of leading Innovations and Innovators.

Key Learning Outcome:

  • Recognize the importance of Innovation
  • Learn how to form innovative teams and build innovative cultures
  • Develop a road map to create systemic change with lasting impact
  • Learn how to develop innovative problem-solving skills, methods and approaches
  • Make innovation a repeatable discipline in your organization

Bio of the Trainer: Dr Atef Elshabrawy

Dr Atef Elshabrawy has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable development and innovation, occupied top positions in Banks, Ministries, Funds, NGO’s, private firms, international organizations, and lastly founder of SIE ( Dr Atef benefits from a global exposure through working in 24 countries. Added to his Ph.D and DEA from France and am engineering BSc. from Cairo University, he got several diplomas in finance, innovation and strategic management from France,UK, USA, China, IFC-World Bank.

Dr Atef was awarded by: listed “Top 50 Most Impactful Social Innovators in the world” and got the Social Innovation Leadership Awards” from India in 2017, prize of Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for “Young Leaders” in 2013, the “International Research Award from Bahraini, in 2011, the “Young Researchers” in France in 1995.

Dr Atef is an international speakers, provided training for more than 10,000 in four continents in three languages. For more information, please visit

Session One : Fundamental And Operational Sustainability

Explore the innovation world to find out the biggest problem to innovation and why organizations fail to do it.
• Going through innovation leaders, key success stories and innovation fuel and Road map.
Practice design thinking by going through the whole process to test and improve ideation and prototyping.

Session two : 360 of Innovative Organization and The Ten Faces of Innovation

• Stay connected to the key factors to build an innovative organizational environment.
• Learn to make the essential changes affecting people, process and culture.
Recognize leadership personality types that fuel innovation.
Discover the ten innovation personas and the impact of combining energy and intelligence with the right lever that can generate remarkably powerful force.
The Ten Innovation faces have been classified by IDEOs Tim Brown

Session three : Taking Control Of Thinking

The science of everyday thinking introduces us to the idea that our brains do not see reality as it is, only as it perceives it to be.
Become aware of the importance to “Question the Unquestionable” in our everyday behaviours and thought pattern.

Session four : Sustaining your Innovative Thinking

Learn the biggest threats to innovation.
Learn how to create a plan and build an environment to sustain innovation.
How to work on a real challenge you face in your organization using what you learned in this masterclass to solve the problem.

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Duration: 5 Days
Lectures: 13
Video: 1:30 hours
Level: Advanced

Working hours

Monday 8:30 am - 6.00 pm
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