Business Continuity Plan Management

Every company recognizes that a significant threat exists to its ability to continue normal business operations following a serious unexpected disruptive incident.  The organization has a high level of dependency upon its automated systems and processes and this creates risks that need to be mitigated.

This Business Continuity Plan assists the corporations /businesses to manage a serious disruptive crisis in a controlled and structured manner.  It contains information on emergency contact details, strategies to mitigate impact, procedures to be implemented and communication processes to be followed in response to a serious disruptive event.

Mr. Hassan Yusuf is a Certified Risk Management Specialist with more than 25 years of Corporate Experience. Mr. Yusuf was the CEO of International Bank of Somalia for Five years.
IBS is a commercial bank in Somalia, first of its kind and won the bank of the year award in the last three years from 2016-19. Prior to IBS, Mr. Yusuf was Risk Manager of Al Rayan Bank in Qatar for six years, a leading commercial bank in Risk management and third bank of the country. Before joining Al Rayan Bank, Mr. Yusuf was Financial Services Risk Director in ELIT Consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia known as CRWMC (Crescent Risk and Wealth Management Company) for two years. Mr. Yusuf is currently a PHD Candidate in Finance at the University of Sains Malaysia, Mr. Hassan Holds a Masters of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Commerce. Mr. Yusuf has written, and published articles and book chapters published by Bloomsbury Publisher in London, England and Finance Magazine in Malaysia. The areas of published articles include Risk management, Barriers of Inter trade between OIC countries, Currency and Gold and Finance articles. Mr. Yusuf provides training in Banking and Risk Management. Mr. Yusuf attended numerous conferences as speaker and panellist in conferences sponsored by World Bank, Financial Times and other International Organizations.

Phase One: Business Risk Assessment

IT and Communications
Existing Emergency Procedures
Premises Issues
Preparing for a Possible Emergency
Back-up and Recovery Strategies
Key BCP Personnel and Supplies
Key Documents and Procedures
Disaster Recovery Phase
Planning for Handling the Emergency
Notification and Reporting During Disaster Recovery Phase

Phase Two: Business Recovery Phase

Managing the Business Recovery Phase
Business Recovery Activities

Testing The Business Recovery Process

Planning the Tests
Conducting the Tests

Training Staff In The Business Recovery Process

Managing the Training Process
Assessing the Training

Phase Three : Keeping The Plan Up-To-Date

Maintaining the BCP

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