Budgeting & Cash flow Management in times of crisis

This course on Strategic Budgeting & Financial Reporting will allow the participant to explore new thoughts in the planning, control, and budgeting cycle, resulting in the implementation of a more budgeting process, which communicates useful and timely information to management.

Bio of the Trainer: Hayat Ismail

Certified Public Accountant ( CPA) from the united states with masters in the finance and accounting and over 8 years of experience in business consulting general accounting, governmental accounting project management, financial planning and budgeting and financial analysis  and reporting as well as internal and external audits. Hayat has worked for public ,private and governmental entities. Her professional experience included big four accounting firm price water house cooper, government of Canada and City of Seattle , Washington.

Budgeting overview

Introduction to planning and control

Conceptual aspects of budgeting

Understanding cost behaviour

Developing an annual / master budget

Resource allocation

Activity-based management and activity-based costing

Controlling costs-Economy


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Duration: 5 Days
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